June is National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month

June plays host to all sorts of delicious, nutritious observances. In addition to celebrating National Dairy Month with our friends at the National Dairy Council, we’re also observing National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month.

You all know we love fresh fruits and veggies here at Beyond Breakfast. Whenever we have a chance we check in with school garden programs, Farm-to-School initiatives, and of course we’re always looking for yummy school lunch and school breakfast recipes featuring fresh fruits and vegetables.

veggiesWith that in mind, we’ve put produced (get it?) of some of our favorite fresh fruit and veggie moments at Beyond Breakfast. After all, it’s Throwback Thursday!

Do you remember the time … we sat down to learn about Alaska-grown barley flour recipes for school nutrition?

Do you remember the time … we shared Windham Raymond’s unbeatable school breakfast recipe for Maple French Toast with you? Featuring fresh apples!

Do you remember the time … we took a trip to Austin to attend the Farm-to-School conference, and learned the importance of updated equipment in the effort to put more fresh fruits and veggies on America’s lunch trays?

If you’re looking for a few good resources, you’ve come to the right place. We would never end the blog post without a few great resources for you—c’mon now!

Stop by USDA’s Team Nutrition page for their extensive rundown of National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month resources—farm-to-school information, tip sheets, recipes, and more. Also take a look at the National Farm-to-School Network website, where you won’t want to miss the newest resource you can download directly; Evaluation for Transformation: A Cross-Sectoral Evaluation Framework for Farm-to-School explores farm-to-school vis-à-vis public health, community economic development, education, and environmental quality. It’s a must-read.

Is school still in session in your district, or have you moved on to summer meals? If you’re serving a fresh fruit or vegetable share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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