Best of Beyond Breakfast: School Nutrition Directors

“CEP opened up a lot more options for us in terms of breakfast-in-the-classroom. In some places the combination of CEP and BIC helped us go from 20-30 percent participation to 80-90 percent—that’s just a huge, huge difference. One of my schools was even serving more breakfasts than lunch for awhile!”  [Read more]

Craig Hodge, Clarke County School District, Alabama (Cycle 3) 


“I really have to give credit to principals for recognizing the importance of breakfast and being willing to take this on. The nice part about how we were able to roll this out, all the schools—twelve elementary as well as three middle—they really made that decision to participate. We presented [BIC] as an opportunity … and they really embraced that.” [Read more]

Sandy Huisman, Des Moines Public Schools, Iowa (Cycle 2) 


“I did expect [BIC] to grow, but what I did not expect was the great benefit that we have gotten from the partnerships. From working with FRAC, the local NEA, the Elementary School Principals Association [Foundation], School Nutrition Foundation, and local partners … we have managed to expand the program beyond the Walmart Foundation grant. We in foodservice are very committed to good nutrition and reducing hunger. It was really inspiring to see that same commitment and that same dedication from the other groups, the other partners.” [Read more]

Dora Rivas (ret.), Dallas ISD, Texas (Cycle 1) 


“It’s a matter of convenience for high school kids. When they get up in the morning—even in my experience with my own kids—most of them aren’t hungry. They are in a hurry to get ready, just trying to get to school—they are barely getting up and getting their clothes on! When they get to school, that’s when they are awake enough to say, “Gee, I really wish I had something to eat!”  [Read more]

Dr. Cleta Long, Bibb County School District, Georgia (Cycle 3) 

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