Breaking Down Breakfast-in-the-Classroom: A Brief Glossary

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear about breakfast-in-the-classroom is in regard to the different delivery models. Stakeholders want to know the difference between “breakfast in the classroom” versus “Grab-n-Go” versus “Breakfast After the Bell” versus “direct delivery.” The terminology can get confusing, so we are going to break down what these terms mean to us, and the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom grant.

Breakfast in the Classroom

When we use the phrase “breakfast-in-the-classroom” (BIC) we’re referring to school breakfast eaten in the classroom, regardless of the delivery model. We frequently hear people and organizations use “breakfast-in-the-classroom” to refer specifically to direct delivery, but for the purposes of our grant “breakfast in the classroom” refers merely to moving the morning meal from the school cafeteria into the classroom.

Delivery Models

When we make the distinction between types of BIC programs, what we’re really talking about is the type of service or delivery model:

  • Direct delivery refers to school breakfast that is delivered to each classroom every morning, usually by school nutrition staff or “student ambassadors” from each classroom.
  • Grab-N-Go breakfast is a service model where students pick up (grab) their breakfast and go directly to the classroom to eat. Students often pick up from mobile carts or kiosks, although some schools use the cafeteria as the pick-up point.

Breakfast Time: After the Bell

One of the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom grant requirements is that each school or district serve breakfast at no charge to students after the morning bell. A Breakfast After the Bell service ensures all students have access to breakfast. When school breakfast is served in the cafeteria it is often too early for many students to enjoy, especially if bussing or carpool schedules interfere. By moving the time of service from before the first bell to after the first bell, more students have access to the morning meal.

About the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom Grant

Our grant covers the up-front costs associated with startup and implementation of breakfast-in-the-classroom programs, such as equipment, outreach/marketing, and other related expenses. Eligibility requirements include:

  • A free/reduced price (FRP) of 70 percent or more, OR you operate Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) or Provision 2;
  • Your average daily participation (ADP) is 50 percent or less;
  • You can serve breakfast in the classroom, at no charge to students, after the morning bell;
  • Strong stakeholder support;
  • A three-year commitment to continuing the breakfast-in-the-classroom program;
  • A willingness to promote the breakfast in the classroom program.

Visit the Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom website for more information on how to apply, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter.

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