National School Breakfast Week, March 4-8, 2013: Be a Star with School Breakfast!

We could not be more excited about National School Breakfast Week, which is just a month away now. In addition to a week-long celebration here on the blog—interviews, special features, and more, so stay tuned! We have a lot of wonderful content planned for you during the month of February. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, where we will be sharing additional school breakfast information!

The theme of National School Breakfast Week 2013 is “Be a Star with School Breakfast!” and you will find all the tools you need to get started online. Here is a quick overview to help you find the NSBW resources you will need to kick off the celebration at your school!

Be a Star with School Breakfast!

Menus: School breakfast menus can be accessed online, including the average nutritional info per serving; please note that you should conduct your own nutrient analysis, as the numbers are likely to change depending on the products used at your particular school!

Tools: The tools section includes information (a toolkit, logos, etc.) to help you get started, as well as tools for kids, like activity sheets and backpack brochures. You will also find helpful PR and marketing materials so that you can notify the press, develop presentations, and issue an “official” National School Breakfast Week proclamation!

Writing Contest: Students have the opportunity to play a starring role in the National School Breakfast Week celebration at your school through the “Who’s Your School Breakfast Star?” writing contest. Students can answer the following questions, and national winners will be selected to receive special SNA prize packs and have their answers published in School Nutrition Magazine:

  • “If you could enjoy school breakfast with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?”
  • “What healthy school breakfast food would you want to share with them, and why?”

For official forms, student forms, and a writing contest overview, click here.

Sweepstakes: Share your thoughts on how “Be a Star with School Breakfast” has impacted your school breakfast participation levels along with your plans to celebration NSBW, and you will be entered for a chance to win the participation sweepstakes. Visit the Sweeps page to enter for your chance to win.

Merchandise: Visit the Emporium to shop a full catalogue of National School Breakfast Week merchandise to help you show your NSBW spirit!

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