LAC 2011: Breakfast in the Classroom Rockstars

You may recall from my earlier post about Hunger, Obesity, School Food and Social Media that I was getting my geek on with tech toys during the 2011 Legislative Action Conference. I had too much fun taking pictures, blogging, and recording short interviews with the Flip camera the SNF provided. I didn’t get to ambush interview nearly as many school food rock stars as I would have liked, but I managed to capture some of them in their natural habitat and they shared their personal school breakfast success stories with me. Below are my interviews with Rosario Casiano (principal, William Ramsey Elementary, Alexandria, VA), Nora Howley (NEA HIN) and Barry Sackin (inTeam Associates) who were on our Breakfast in the Classroom breakout session panel. Check them out!

Rosario Casiano


Nora Howley


Barry Sackin


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