Breakfast in the Classroom: Read All About It!

We know that breakfast in the classroom is newsworthy–and the media thinks so, too! We were pleased to see this recent op-ed in The Washington Post that highlights breakfast in the classroom. It is so important to continue this discussion about the benefits of what breakfast in the classroom for students. Universal, in-classroom breakfast programs feed hungry kids, and ensures all children start their school day with the fuel they need to do their best academically. Schools with breakfast in the classroom report better behavior, fewer tardies and absences, and increased concentration during lessons; eating breakfast can help fight against childhood obesity, too. Teachers have reported positive results they didn’t expect to stem from in-classroom breakfast, like bonding time with and amongst students, opportunities to teach etiquette, and opportunities to tie-in their morning meal with lessons in other subjects like math and history.

In other breakfast in the classroom news, the Little Rock School District has announced it will implement universal lunch and breakfast for students under Provision 2 of the National School Lunch Program. Congratulations to our Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom district in Little Rock, and best wishes as you move forward with your new program!

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