Earth Day 2017: Resources Roundup

Earth Day is right around the corner—how is your school nutrition program celebrating?

The official date for Earth Day is Saturday, April 22, 2017, but you can celebrate any time during the school week. Earth Day is the perfect time to talk about what we can do to create healthier, more sustainable school environments. For example:

  • Food waste contributes significant amounts of methane to the environment. What strategies can you employ to reduce plate waste?
  • How can you work with students to take action to reduce plate and other types of waste at school?
  • Participate in a short, simple study to help you measure waste in your school cafeteria.

School Cafeteria Discards Assessment Project (SCrAP) with EREF

SNF has partnered with the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) to bring you the School Cafeteria Discards Assessment Project (SCrAP). Sign up to participate to help us:

  • Gather data to understand how waste is managed at your school, and after it’s hauled away;
  • Share sustainable waste management strategies with students and staff at your school;
  • Improve waste management practices, and reduce unnecessary food waste and the associated costs.

Visit the SCrAP Facebook page and the EREF website to learn more.

 Presentations & Papers Library (SNA Members Only)

Peruse SNA’s members-only Presentations & Papers Library to find presentations, handouts, and other materials from SNA conferences and meetings. For example:

  • Topics of note from ANC 2016, San Antonio include: Go Green & Save $$$; Say “No Thank You” to Wasted Food; Improving Procurement, One Conversation at a Time; Anatomy of a Standardized Recipe: Success with USDA Foods
  • Topic of note from SNIC 2017, Orlando: Food Waste: The Latest Movement
  • Topic of note from ANC 2015, Salt Lake City: Better Produce Specifications Less Waste; Offer vs. Serve: Identifying a Reimbursable Meal; Food Waste Challenge: How to Maximize Resources to Lower Food Waste

SNA Webinars

We know you’re always keeping your eyes peeled for the latest updates to SNA’s Webinar Wednesday schedule, but don’t forget you can take advantage of Webinars OnDemand as well.

Registration will open soon for the Wednesday, May 17 webinar Best of #SNIC17 4 of 4: Food Waste: The Latest Movement. Could you cut food costs by 2-6 percent? Earn one SNA CEU (or 1 CPEU for RDs/DTRs) when you complete the webinar and quiz.

Don’t miss Buying the Right Produce at the Right Price, archived in SNA’s Webinars OnDemand to learn strategies to improve specifications and save money on produce—reduce food waste, and spend less on fresh produce.

SN Magazine

Meet Generation Z in the latest issue of SN Magazine, which includes previews of NSLW 2017 and NSBW 2018, as well as Earth Day-centric topics such as:

Don’t forget to check the SN Magazine archive for relevant content from past issues.

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