#NSBW17 Recipe Corner: Kolaches from Austin ISD

If you’ve never had a kolache, it’s time to visit Texas! The meat-filled pastry is Czech in origin, and a staple of the Texas diet.

When we visited Austin ISD in November 2016, we learned that kolaches are a student-favorite breakfast-in-the-classroom menu item that require a labor-intensive, multi-day preparation process. We asked Austin ISD to share some photos along with the process required to deliver this fan-favorite breakfast to hundreds of students in the classroom!

These photos were taken at Houston Elementary School–thank you for sharing with us!

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Click to learn more about the history of kolaches.

 Two days before: 

A) Pull sausage links from freezer and thaw on perforatedpans overnight to allow juices to separate.

B) Pull mini sub roll dough from freezer and thaw on sheet pans in cooler overnight.

Day before:

A) Cut dough in half lengthwise.

B) Wrap dough around thawed sausage link.

C) Cook kolaches. Cool.

D) Bag kolaches into foil bags and cool overnight on sheet pans.

Morning of:

Reheat kolaches in the foil bags in the morning. Pack and transport in red insulated bags.

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