Fuel Up to Play 60 Partners with Presidential Youth Fitness Program, Let’s Move! Active Schools, Dean Foods, and Quaker Oats Company for November Funding Opportunities

FUTP60_Retail_promo_buttonWith just a few days left to apply for Fuel Up to Play 60 funds, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide additional details about the current crop of grant opportunities available for your school. As we reminded you last week, the final deadline to apply for Fuel Up to Play 60 funds for the 2014-15 school year is coming up on Wednesday, November 5, 2014. Before you apply, we wanted to make sure you knew about the special opportunities available to your program by selecting specific combinations of plays from the 2014-15 Playbook.

About the 2014-15 Playbook

In order to receive funds for Fuel Up to Play 60, schools must choose one Healthy Eating and one Physical Activity Play from the 2014-15 Playbook. The updated playbook contains new and enhanced plays; Healthy Eating Plays focus on all school meals, including snacks, while the Physical Activity Plays provide opportunities for students to participate in physical activities during and outside of school hours. All of the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Plays are available for funding, so let’s take a look at the special opportunities available for the November 5, 2014 deadline.

Presidential Youth Fitness Program

Partnering with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program with the goal to help students to get healthy through quality in-school physical education programs, Fuel Up to Play 60 is offering the “Make Your Case for Quality Physical Education Play.” Schools selecting this funding award will have a chance to receive PYFP resources valued at over $2500, and if awarded this funding will receive:

  • A three-year site license to the FITNESSGRAM© assessment tool
  • Professional development and education for physical educators
  • Motivational awards and recognition to empower students

This play challenges students to ensure their school has a quality physical education program—including P.E. every day that works for every student.

Food Service Equipment Offering

If your school successfully applies for the Grab and Go—Anytime! Award, you will receive food service equipment valued at $2000. The equipment includes an upright refrigerator for milk service, insulated bags and carts for delivery, or a moveable kiosk with a cashier area for remote service. Schools are also eligible to receive funding for their Physical Activity Play. Grab-and-go breakfast delivery is extremely cost-effective, and has been shown to increase participation and consumption of school breakfast. According to one study, more than 60 percent of students do not eat breakfast each day! In addition to breakfast, grab-and-go lunch service is increasing in popularity—could it be the creative solution your school has been looking for?

100 Mile Club®

FUTP60 has partnered with ChildObesity 180 for the 100 Mile Club®. Challenging students with a simple goal—walk, jog, or run 100 miles at school in a single year! Fuel Up to Play 60 schools that join Let’s Move! Active Schools are eligible to apply for funding to implement the award-winning 100 Mile Club®, and get help creating a customized wellness plan and access to free in-person trainings and materials.

Breakfast in the Classroom

Quaker Oats Company is partnering with FUTP60 to offer funding for schools selecting the Breakfast in the Classroom Play. A proven way to get more students to eat breakfast, the Breakfast in the Classroom Play charges students with creating a system to increase breakfast participation by delivering reimbursable meals to classrooms for students before or during class. School breakfast can help students perform better in school, and without taking away from instruction time. This play asks students to help secure stakeholder engagement among teachers, custodians, administrators, and parents—a great lesson in teamwork!

You only have one week left to apply—get started today!

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