SNF Welcomes First-Timers to ANC 2011

We love all of the SNA attendees, but it’s always exciting to meet folks who are attending their very first conference. The School Nutrition Foundation had a meeting with our first-timers this morning, led by SNF Chair and former SNA President Dora Rivas. We hope to see you all at future ANC events!

Dora Rivas addresses first-time ANC attendees.

Jill Conklin welcomes first-timers with gift bags.

ANC first-time attendees–welcome!


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One Response to SNF Welcomes First-Timers to ANC 2011

  1. Chef Rick says:

    Chef Scott ands Rick want to say hello and thanks for coming by Jennie-O. As always it is great to see old friends ) and at almost 50 we are getting older) and also to the new one. As always thank you for doing what you do. Feeding those kids which was once me in South Florida ( Mother Wind ) ring a bell thats right she personally fed me. It was the best meal of the day due to our lack of finances.All the passion and love they showed us has left a big spot in my heart for what you do SO A GREAT BIG THANKS TO ALL. Enjoy your summer and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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