In Their Own Words Part 3: Sandi Walter, Dr. Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow, on the Importance of SNF Scholarships

snf50horizontalThis year marks the School Nutrition Foundation’s 50th anniversary. Since its founding in 1964, SNF has raised millions of dollars to provide a wide variety of scholarships, grants, research, training opportunities and technical assistance to school nutrition professionals at every level. Learn more about SNF’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, as well as donation and scholarship opportunities, and join us on Monday, March 3 for our Celebration of School Nutrition Heroes!

When we were at ANC 2013 in Kansas City last summer, we had the opportunity to speak with many of you about why scholarships are so important, and how they have helped you advance your educations and careers. As we prepare for our 50th anniversary celebration, we are sharing on the Beyond Breakfast blog some of our favorite video testimonials from school nutrition professionals across the country. Learn how these individuals have been enriched by the Foundation and its efforts.

In part three of our four-part series, we are sharing a video testimonial from Sandi Walter, SNS, Cafeteria Manager at Coulter Grove Intermediate School in Maryville, Tennessee. Sandi was the recipient of the 2013 Josephine Martin National Policy Fellow award. You can read our February 2013 interview with Sandi here to learn more about why she applied for the award, and what it’s meant to her both personally and professionally. We recently dropped Sandi an email to see how she was doing, and to ask her to share her thoughts on SNF’s 50th anniversary, and she wrote:

As we celebrate SNF’s 50th anniversary, I am so very grateful to those who have started this great work and I am inspired and challenged to do my part to continue the fundraising and scholarship efforts for the foundation’s future.

I am looking forward to the [50th Anniversary] celebration.  It really wasn’t until I went to LAC last year that I began to truly comprehend just how much passion, dedication and resources so many people have contributed to the foundation, to pave the way for future generations of school nutrition workers.   I guess I always thought of the industry donations and not so much about the individual contributions.  What a remarkable legacy!

You can see Sandi’s video testimonial from ANC 2013 below, and you can visit SNF’s website to make a donation to the Dr. Josephine Martin Endowment Fund.


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