2013 School Nutrition Foundation/Winston Industries Equipment Award Grant—WINNER!

The superhero nutrition staff at Warrior Run School District!

We have a winner! The School Nutrition Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2013 recipient of the SNF/Winston Industries Equipment Award Grant is the Warrior Run School District, located in Turbotville, Pennsylvania. You are going to get to know the staff at Warrior Run, including their School Food Service Supervisor, Renee Frederick. We will be checking back in with Renee and her staff at Warrior Run over the course of the next few months, as we learn how the new equipment will make a difference for students, as well as a special “Before & After” blog where we will see the difference the new equipment will make!

The award includes ten pieces of commercial kitchen equipment which will be utilized throughout the Warrior Run School District. In addition to holding equipment (cabinets and drawers), the district will also receive Thermalizers from Winston Industries, Inc.—a leading foodservice equipment manufacturer, located in Louisville, Kentucky.

When Renee Frederick applied for the award, she did so in hopes of replacing equipment that is, on average, 50 years old. “With the new equipment, comes new goals,” said Ms. Frederick. “We are now looking at new recipes that previously would not have been supported by our old equipment, as well as increasing the number of scratch prepared items on our menu.”

Superintendent of Warrior Run Schools, Dr. John M. Kurelja, also shared his thoughts on why this equipment grant comes at the perfect time for his district, where aging equipment was in need of regular maintenance and repair work. “The replacement costs are just too high during this time of dwindling resources,” said Dr. Kurelja. “The new equipment will allow us a wider variety of healthy options for our students.”

It is truly a pleasure for SNF to be able to work with Winston Industries, and provide this incredible opportunity for schools to receive new, modern equipment to enhance their school and/or district food service. To learn more about how the Winston Award has helped improve school foodservice, read our recent blog from last year’s Winston Industries Equipment Award Grant recipient—Deborah Taylor (RD/LD, SNS), Director of Shawnee School Nutrition Services at Shawnee Public Schools shared her story with us back in March 2013.

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