New Meal Patterns: In the News + Resources for You

The 2012-13 school year is in full swing around the country, and that means we have been seeing a lot of wonderful stories about school food in the news. Whether they are highlighting expanded universal breakfast-in-the-classroom, farm-to-schools, or chefs-to-schools, we are excited to see our message of healthy school food spreading across the country! Here are a few of our favorite stories about school food in the news from the last week:

Prince William County school menu challenges taste buds (The Washington Post, September 10, 2012): Students at Yorkshire Elementary School joined USDA deputy undersecretary for food, nutrition, and consumer services, Dr. Janey Thornton in a taste test of healthy new items for school meals.

Boston schools’ breakfast now free for all students (, September 10, 2012): Universal breakfast begins for all students in Boston Public Schools.

Editorial: Healthier NJ school lunch menus provide nutrition instruction in cafeteria (, September 10, 2012): Healthier school food isn’t just about healthier for its own sake, but to help keep kids learning, even at lunch. An education on healthy food is a lesson that will last a lifetime.

Riverside a Rockstar in Healthy School Food Movement (New American Media, September 7, 2012): Fresh produce, executive chefs, salad bars, increased participation and revenues—great job Riverside Unified School District!

Breakfast comes to the classroom (CNN Schools of Thought blog, September 7, 2012): A wonderful profile of Breakfast in the Classroom, with a spotlight on one of our new districts, Knox Co., Tenn.

As we continue to face the challenges of implementing the new meal patterns, we are seeing more and more stories about how school foodservice professionals—like you—are going beyond meeting those challenges, and are exceeding expectations. Healthier foods and happier students? You bet! Here are some resources to help you succeed.

Online Resources for School Foodservice

NDC School Nutrition Sample Menus and Resources

National Food Service Management Institute

USDA Food & Nutrition Services & New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Standards

National School Lunch Program (FNS/USDA) & School Breakfast Program (FNS/USDA)

The New Meal Patterns: What You Need to Know”, archived SNF webinar with Cindy Brooks (SNA), Sam Kass (White House assistant chef), Dr. Janey Thornton (USDA), Melissa Rothstein

CDC School Health Index: Assessment & planning tools

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