July is National Blueberry Month

It’s July, and we’re celebrating National Blueberry Month! We absolutely love that powerful, purple berry, and all of the delicious ways it can be eaten. Low in calories and fat, high in fiber and antioxidants, the humble blueberry deserves all of the accolades we could possibly bestow upon it!


Photo via http://www.blueberry.org/

You may have noticed that blueberries are on sale at your local grocery store or farmers market, and that’s because blueberries are in season right now. July is the very peak of blueberry season, so check to see if there are any “you-pick” blueberry farms or blueberry farm tours in your area—great for kids during summer months! We popped over the North American Blueberry Council (NABC) website, and you should, too! They have links to help you locate a blueberry farm or festival near you.

In search of as much information on blueberries as we could find, we also took some time to check out the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council website. Did you know:

  • Blueberries are turning 100! One of the only seasonal fruits native to America, the blueberry is celebrating the 100th birthday of its first commercial trip from farm to table.
  • Blueberries at a Glance: A single cup of blueberries has just 80 calories! They are an excellent source of Vitamin C, a good source of dietary fiber, and are high in manganese.
  • Your Health, Starring—Blueberries! The connection between blueberries and health has been studied over and over again. You can read studies on how blueberries affect everything from aging and brain function to obesity on the USHBC website.

One of our favorite things about the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council website is the Blueberry Recipes section, which includes “School Recipe”, “Campus Recipe”, and “Featured Foodservice Recipe” categories to make searching for scalable recipes simple. You’ll find recipes for smoothies, wraps, and muffins, but also some unique recipes using blueberries, such as Maple Blueberry Syrup and Blueberry Ketchup and a Blueberry-Pineapple Salsa. And don’t forget to review their Resources page, which includes tip sheets and infographics to help you market the delicious taste and healthy benefits of blueberries.

Do you have a favorite school lunch or school breakfast recipe featuring blueberries? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments, and we’ll feature you here at BeyondBreakfast.org!

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