Highlights from NDC’s #WellnessImpact Twitter Chat on March 28, 2013

March was National Nutrition Month, and as part of that celebration the National Dairy Council hosted a #WellnessImpact Twitter chat on March 28. You can read a full transcript of the chat here; the discussion centered on the recently-released Wellness Impact Report from National Dairy Council, which includes sections on:

  • Prerequisites to Learning: Healthy Students and the Tools They Need
  • Neuroscience: What it Reveals About Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Learning
  • Where it All Begins: The Potential and the Price Tag
  • School Wellness Right Now
  • Time to Act: Recommendations and Next Steps

The chat was led by Karen Kafer, RD (NDC) and Dayle Hayes, MS, RD (@SchoolMealsRock).

Participants used the hashtag #WellnessImpact to follow along and join in the conversation. The chat was structured using eight questions that were posed by Karen Kafer via @NtlDairyCouncil:

  1. What do you think children should be eating for breakfast?
  2. Let’s understand the importance of breakfast. What are you seeing as the impact of eating or skipping breakfast?
  3. How can we improve access to breakfast so ALL children have opportunity to eat it each day?
  4. Let’s talk about the other side of the equation: physical activity. How many times per week do schools you know have PE?
  5. School resources are limited, how can we improve focus on physical activity in schools & support our community?
  6. What can we do NOW to ensure children have better access to breakfast and physical activity, and to help build lifelong habits?
  7. [Questions from the audience.]
  8. It’s resource-sharing time: Where do you go to get more information and tools?

It was an excellent discussion, and included many voices: teachers, nutritionists and dietitians, folks from FRAC, NEAHIN, National Dairy Council, and many more. We want to thank National  Dairy Council, Karen Kafer, and Dayle Hayes for hosting a terrific event. Some of our favorite ideas shared during the #WellnessImpact Twitter chat:

  • Donating used fitness equipment to a school so students can get active! (via @fzavacky)
  • Serve breakfast for lunch so students can taste test breakfast, and invite parents/families to eat breakfast with kids in school to help promote the program. (via @HealthGen_Foods)
  • Teachers adding 5-10 minute activity breaks to help students boost brain power. (via @ccliffRD13)

We are also grateful for Fuel Up to Play 60, GENYOUth Foundation, and Western Dairy Association for sharing the following links—we’re passing them on for you to enjoy!

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