ANC 2013, Kansas City: Lights, Camera, Action!

Hi everyone! It’s been a wonderful day here in Kansas City. The sun was shining today, and though we felt a few raindrops on our heads on our walk back to our hotel, a cool breeze is blowing. We are looking forward to the first full day of education sessions, starting tomorrow morning. School Nutrition Foundation will be hosting a panel tomorrow, Sunday July 14, at 1:15 p.m.–we hope you will join us for “Expanding Breakfast–Bringing Everyone to the Table.”

Help SNF celebrate our 50th birthday–“send” us a postcard by dropping by our booth and filling one out!

We spent all day today meeting with ANC 2013 attendees who were checking in at the registration desk, which is located right across from the SNF booth. Many of you came over to say hello and we are so glad you did! Some of you participated in our video booth series–we are collecting your stories on video: about breakfast-in-the-classroom, about equipment needs, about scholarships that have helped you shape your careers. It only takes a few minutes–come walk our red carpet and tell us your story!

We are excited to get started, so please come by our booth and introduce yourselves! If you couldn’t make it this year we’ll miss you, but we promise to keep you posted–follow SNF on Facebook and Twitter for updates from ANC 2013, Kansas City!

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