Winston Equipment Award: Application Deadline Nov. 29

Each year since 2007, Winston Industries has demonstrated its commitment to food service by awarding one school the Winston Industries Equipment Award Grant. The recipient is always a school district in need of improvement of its school meal kitchen facilities. The 2010 winner was Gaston County Schools of North Carolina, and the 2011 award winner could be your district. The application period closes on November 29, 2011 and you still have time to apply online.


  • Applicant must be a current member of the School Nutrition Association.
  • Applicant must be the person responsible for directing the school nutrition program of the school district.
  • The application must represent the entire school district’s needs.

Equipment Awarded

Ten pieces of equipment will be awarded to the winning district, including holding cabinets, holding drawers, and thermalizers.

To see what equipment is available, click here.

The Application

Applications will be reviewed for need, plan to integrate the new equipment, and the impact the equipment will have on the foodservice program. The application includes three questions:

  1. Describe the current equipment challenges your program faces, and how you have adapted.
  2. Provide an individual equipment implementation plan for each school/facility in your district from the pool of available Winston equipment.
  3. Provide an overview of your implementation plan. Address the positive impact that the equipment will have on your child nutrition program. Consider the following as you formulate your response: financial impact, nutritional impact, labor impact, increased meal capacity, menuing/recipe development, design implications, increased participation in NSLP and NSBP.

School Nutrition Foundation Contact Information

Email address:

ATTN: Julie Abrera or Shaina Kershner

To learn more about Winston Industries, visit the Winston Industries website.

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