Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom Update: Equipment Upgrades at F.C. Hammond Middle School

Increasing capacity and improving infrastructure are often necessary when implementing breakfast-in-the-classroom, but those upgrades can be prohibitively expensive.

That’s when a Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom grant can come in pretty handy.

Just before Thanksgiving, we received an email from Alexandria City Public Schools grant officer Greg Tardieu about progress being made on construction at F.C. Hammond Middle School, where breakfast-in-the-classroom was implemented through a Partners for BIC grant. Complete with photos, here’s what Tardieu shared with us in November:

“We have secured the contractor to complete the preparation for the installation of the new walk-in freezer box that is being fabricated right now,” wrote Tardieu. “The concrete slab is insulated to help retain the cold, so it is a little trickier to install than just regular concrete. If all goes well, we will have this job completed in the next four weeks. The next step is putting a hole in the wall, and then bringing in the wiring and the fire suppression out for the new freezer. We are still having the old freezer converted to a cooler, which is not as dramatic as this freezer installation will be. I will send more photos as the project advances!”

FC Hammond Nov_1

This morning we received a second photo update from Tardieu indicating that their construction timeline is right on schedule; check out the photos, below, of the freezer installation:


Interested in learning more? Check out our technical assistance video, “Assessing Equipment Needs for Breakfast in the Classroom”:


The Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom grant is available to high-need schools and districts in Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah, to cover up-front costs associated with the start-up and implementation of breakfast-in-the-classroom and ‘Grab-n-Go’ programs, such as purchasing equipment, outreach efforts to parents, program promotion, and other related expenses. The application period is open now—contact us today!

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